We work with two gate styles, which are also the most common you will see around town. These include:

  • Swing Gates;
  • Slide Gates(Cantilever);

These are the different types of gates available. Choosing the right one could be difficult but our expert technicians can always help you out. The best way to know which gate is right for your home or property is to know how each gate functions. Fortunately, most of these are simple to understand because they are named after how they function.  I will break down how each gate works and for which situation they are best suited for.

Swing Gates

This option works great if you need a simple opening to your driveway. All options can be motorized or can be worked manually. There is also the option of a single swing gate which, as the name states, is a single gate that swing open. For this reason, it’s not suitable for larger driveways but for smaller entryways for both people or single car driveways. If you have a long driveway for a commercial property swing gates are not an ideal option for your entry system. For that, you would need a slide or cantilever gate.

Cantilever Gate (Slide Gate)

This is the most common gate you will see while driving through commercial areas with gates. The reason being, the gates can have much wider opening without swinging out into the street or far into the driveway possibly damaging property on the way in. They sit on a “V” shaped railing where the wheels sit roll on to keep it aligned. This is an ideal option if you have a much larger driveway or opening in your gate. Although, it does require having the length of the gate to be available on either side of the opening. This is where you can use a swing gate to keep¬† take advantage of a longer rather than wider space.