New detached single family luxury home with stone facade and tripple garageAre you looking for a new home with a garage? Some people looking to buy houses need a garage and won’t buy a house without one. Some don’t really care and some highly demand it.

Whether having a garage or not is valuable to you when considering to buy a new home, there are some important factors you need to look at when buying. First decide rather or not a garage is going to add value to your home.

Do any of the other homes in the same area have a garage? What is the climate in your local area?

Home buyers usually have five important features they look at when purchasing a new home. The number one feature they look at is of coarse house size. They look at the amount of rooms and bathrooms especially when they have a big family.

The most popular houses are the three to four bedrooms with a minimum of two bathrooms. These are the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms that lots of home buyers like to choose from.

They also look at kitchen size and storage space. Plenty of family activity is done inside the kitchen area. The amount of storage space a house has is a plus. Storage space includes closets, laundry rooms, and the garage.

A house with a garage does add to the resale value. In the economy of today you need at least a 2 car garage installed in your home. You also want the journey to your home from the garage to be convenient.

If you do get a home with a garage. It will add curb appeal to your house if you ever decide to sell it to a potential buyer. Keep the style inline with your house.

If the garage is in the front of your home. It will be the first thing a potential buyer will see. So always keep it storage friendly and organized.


So Why Is It Good To Have A Garage?

For starters realtors do believe that a garage increases the value of an homeowners property. If you have a house in a mid level or a higher price range area that’s cold climate. Having a garage is definitely a must.

Having a two car attached garage can add up $30,000 in value to your property and up to $20,000 for a 1 car attached garage. This makes your home better in the market and comes in handy when trying to sell a home.

A garage can be more than just a space to park your cars, hold your trash bins, and stacking boxes. You can convert your garage into a workplace, playroom, or whatever room you want to create.

So having a garage with your home should definitely be a plus to anyone who decides to purchase their next house.